Solar energy is the future of the energy source in Australia as well as worldwide. Existing energy sources are becoming increasingly expensive as they are being depleted, but solar energy is plentiful and reliable, as well as increasing the value of your property, providing you with savings and reducing pollution.





Quality products with up to 15 years warranty, chosen based on customers needs.Add value to your property whilst also making a long term investment




Services performed by qualified and accredited professionals aiming at the client's well-being and the maximum possible savings.

Whether you are an individual with a residential home or a business with a commercial property we can provide a solution to fit your power management needs.



Finance Options

The system can be paid off using one of our greean loan partners company. We provide to you all the tools to get your system ready to save money.



Commercial Solar

One of the major threats faced by Australian businesses is the rising energy prices. Among renewable energy sources, solar energy is a sustainable and smart choice. A commercial solar system helps to reduce or even eliminate the establishment’s power bill.Once installed commercial solar system will make a huge return on investment and provide clean electricity for 25 to 40 years.

Electricity generated by a commercial solar system produce no carbon emissions. There is no transmission losses as it is generated on site.It is reliable and requires minimal maintenance and has a performance warranty of 25 years.

We carry out a thorough analysis of your energy consumption. Based on that we recommend the most appropriate size of system that will give you the best return on investment and we can help you more with zero upfront cost installation at KEG, it helps you save your business money while having the system installed.

Residential Solar

Residential Solar System is an effective way to handle all those heart breaking electricity bills. Installing solar systems at home will potentially reduce or even eliminate electricity bills. It helps to harness the renewable energy of the sun and also the sytem will increase the value of your home. Investing in solar is investing in your home.

The System comes with a product warranty of 10 years and performance warranty of 25 years.

With residential solar system many families have saved thousands of dollars each year. An average household saves $2160 annually. Pay off your solar solution and save on your power bills. 

Get a quote to see how much you could save.


Solar Panels

It is reliable and requires minimal maintenance. Selecting the adequate product is your best protection. You can sleep easy as you have a warranty with a world leading company.



Increase the availability of renewable energy across solar inverter products while working to offer easier installation, excellent customer service and proven reliability.



Systems from 1.5kW up to 30kW.

The best energy solution will be chosen based on your real needs.